St. Paul's Church

Pendleton, Anderson County, South Carolina
Sunday. 6 April 2008

Selections from The Christian Harmony, 1873 Walker Edition

Ken George welcomed the singers and observers, and thanked Giles and Dottie Carter for making the arrangements to sing at Saint Paul's Church. Dan Huger presented a short introduction to Christian Harmony singing.

Opening Prayer - Steve Walker

78b - New Britain, Dan Huger
30b - Dennis, Mike Spencer
51 - Lonsdale, Billy Hollingsworth
250 - Realms of the Blest, John Hollingsworth
148 - Leander, Steve Walker
360 - The Saints Bound for Heaven, Chris Wilhelm
381A - Not Made with Hands, Carl Blozan
215t - In That Morning, Caroline Parsons
215b - Kay, John Plunkett
55t - Carolina, Lee Rogers
245t - Bozrah, Chris Berg
54b - Newingham, Robert Kelley
369 - Easter Anthem, Billy Hollingsworth (by request)
170t - Refuge, Mary Baumeister
55b - Idumea, Wayne Richard
133 - Juniata, Jane Spencer
64t - The Penitent's Prayer, Ken George


208b - French Broad, Dan Huger
361 - Solemn Thought, Mike Spencer
214 - Hosanna, Billy Hollingsworth
52 - Newburg, John Hollingsworth
381C- Twilight is Falling, Giles Carter
67b - Dundee, Steve Walker
135 - Raymond, Carl Blozan
147t - Fairfield, Caroline Parsons
319 - Weary Pilgrim, Jane Spencer
187t - Triumph, John Plunkett
264 - Harwell, Lee Rogers
86 - Ortonville, Chris Berg
103b - Fish Pond, Chris Wilhelm (by request)
70b - Brown, Robert Kelley
216b - Social Band, Wayne Richard
174t - Prospect, Mary Baumeister
367 - David's Lamentation, Jane Spencer (by request)
Amazing Grace (by request)

Closing Prayer - Dan Huger

Minutes by Jane Spencer

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