7th Annual Calvary Episcopal Church Singing

Fletcher, Henderson County, North Carolina
Saturday, 7 June 2008

The singing used both "Carolina Book" (W. Walker, 1874/1994) and "Alabama Book"(Walker-Deason/Parris, 1874/1958/1994).

Dan Huger welcomed the singers, and led
47t-Morning Sun
Opening prayer, Ted Yoder
59t-Mear, Mary Baumeister
273b-Invitation, Robert Kelley
246-The Good Physician, Jane Spencer
247-Oh! How Charming
158-The Land of Rest, Scott Swanton
269t-Restoration, Sarah Jane Thomas
177b-Mendon, Chris Wilhelm
86-Ortonville, Ken George
359-Wondrous Love
129b-Christmas, Frances Carnell
51-Lonsdale, Diane Eskenasy
381A (109 AL )- Not Made with Hands, Carl Blozan
367-David's Lamentation
257-Jubilee, Leon Carnell
346-Star in the East
"Happy Birthday" for Scott Swanton
Blessing, Leon Carnell

AL 64-Youthful Blessings, Dan Huger
148-Leander, Jeff Farr
AL 249-Greenfields, Dot Lane
235-Faithful Soldier
70b-Brown, Michael Heyerman
290-Amity, Lucy Heyerman
"There is a Habitation", Mary Baumeister
195-Garden, Robert Kelley
AL 322 - Among That Band, Jane Spencer
AL 179 - Traveling On, Scott Swanton
AL 184 - Where We'll Never Grow Old
299-Green Meadows, Sarah Jane Thomas
255t-Watchman, Ken George
245t-Bozrah, Frances Carnell
AL 253-Is it Far?, Diane Eskenasy
AL 135-Raymond (by note, number, and poetry), Carl Blozan
245t-Bartimeus, Leon Carnell
159t-The Saint's Delight, Jeff Farr
AL 248-Twilight is Falling, Dot Lane
AL 248-There is a Fountain, Michael Heyerman
AL 85b-Mercy Seat, Lucy Heyerman
200b-Parting Hand
Closing prayer, Ken George

There were 26 singers at dinner time.
The day was sultry and covered: we need rain, please, Lord.

Minutes by Chris Wilhelm.

June 2008