15th Annual John Campbell Folkschool Singing

Brasstown, Cherokee County, North Carolina
Saturday, 12 July 2008

All songs from Christian Harmony, 'Alabama book' (Deason/Parris: 1958/1994)

Bob Dalsemer welcomed the singers to the Folk School.
Opening prayer given by Ed Smith.
Laurel Horton opened the singing with
11-Minister's Farewell
87-Promised Land
130b-Passing Away, Nathan Rees
141b-Detroit, Steve Walker
55b-Idumea, Wayne Richard
206-Prayer Meeting, Becky Walker
76t-Brainerd, John Hollingsworth
50-Cranbrook, Judy Mincey
160-The Saint's Delight, Robert Kelley
130t-Sacred Love, Mary Baumeister
117-Angel Band, Ed Smith
334-Jordan's Stormy Banks, Chris Wilhelm
164-Harwell, Kelly Smith
64-Youthful Blessings, Bill Hogan
75-Sprague, Mike Spencer
253-Is It Far?, Nancy Hogan
135-Raymond, Susie Smith
67b-Dundee, Andy Morse
29-Midnight Cry, Mike Nichols
86b-Hick's Farewell, Jane Spencer
109-Not Made with Hands, Carl Blozan
282-Friendship, Eddie Mash
136-Sherburne, Jakie Elsner
131-Will You Meet Me?, Paul Mooney
359-Wondrous Love, Ken George
105t-Tender Care, Greg Smith
354b-Imandra, Dan Huger
126-Ocean, Nathan Rees
217-Jerusalem, Steve Walker
59t-Mear, Becky Walker
Blessing, Dan Huger

Laurel Horton brought the class back with
215-In That Morning, Wayne Richard
51-Lonsdale, Judy Mincey
255-Watchman, Jackie Elsner
272-Felicity, Kelly Smith
291-Warrenton, Becky Walker
287-Indian Convert, Paul Mooney, jr
369-Easter Anthem, Ed Smith
214-Hosanna, Nancy Hogan
52-Newburg, John Hollingsworth
274-Mother Tell Me, Susie Smith
343-Tell the Story, Ken George
349-Redemption, Mary Baumeister
88-Pisgah, Greg Smith
367-David's Lamentation, Carl Blozan
89-Northfield, Mike Nichols
361-Solemn Thought, Mike Spencer
374-Heavenly Vision, Robert Kelley
316-This Heavy Load, Andy Morse
155-Solemn Call, Jane Spencer
172-The Grand Highway, Eddie Mash
60-What Did He Do?, Bill Hogan
1-Weary Rest, Dan Huger
289-Happy Land, Jeannie Marsh
78-New Britain, Alice Boswell
140-Edom, Laurel Horton
184-Never Grow Old, Dan Huger (by request)
200-Parting Hand

There were 103 persons in the room just before dinner.
The day was sunny and warm; the drought is bad.
Many thanks to Bob Dalsemer and the school for their hospitality.

Minutes by Dan Huger

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