Webster Singing

Webster UMC: Webster, Jackson County, North Carolina
Saturday, 31 March 2007

Mainly The Christian Harmony (Carolina book); Christian Harmony (Alabama book) where noted.

Chris Wilhelm opened the singing with
78b, New Britain
June Jolley gave the opening prayer.
152t, Cross of Christ - Mike Nichols
152b, Messiah
60t, Dunlaps Creek - June Jolley
41b, Ardor
269t, Restoration - Don Wiley
289b, Happy Land
AL179, Traveling On - Scott Swanton
AL109, Not Made With Hands
117, Angel Band - Marty Fields
255t, Watchman
189b, Retreat - Larry Beveridge
AL316, This Heavy Load
381B, Babylon is Fallen - Zeb Jolley
21, Webster
261t, The Good Shepherd - Dan Huger
128t, Ninety Fifth


55b, Idumea - Julianne Wiley
245t, Bozrah
159t, The Saint's Delight - Chris Wilhelm
54b, Newingham
51, Lonsdale - Will Peebles
89b, Northfield

Blessing - Will Peebles

163t, Hollis - June Jolley
70b, Brown
86, Ortonville - Don Wiley
171, Sessions
258, Thorny Desert - Scott Swanton
88, Pisgah
226, Rock of Ages - Marty Fields
204, Prayer Meeting
59t, Mear - Larry Beveridge
321t, Olive Shade
208b, French Broad - Dan Huger
120t, The Lonesome Dove
67b, Dundee - Julianne Wiley
129t, Coronation


381A, Not Made With Hands - Dan Huger (requested by Lil Ailsley)
381D, Holy Manna - Don Wiley
339, Samanthra - Scott Swanton
xix, O Music - Sarah Tucker
143, Coleshill - Larry Beveridge
95, Canaan's Land
136, Sherburne - Don Wiley


269, Invocation

Closing Prayer: Don Wiley

The day was mostly sunny and started chill but warmed up nicely by lunchtime. We had 20 - 25 singers.

Thank you for Webster Methodist! What a fine space for singing!

Minutes: Mary Baumeister.

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