ETSU Singing

Reece Museum, East Tennessee State University
Johnson City, Washington County, Tennessee
Saturday, 3 November, 2007

The singing used The Christian Harmony by Wm Walker (1873/1994 - the 'Carolina book')

The singing was hosted by the Center for Appalachian Studies, ETSU.

Randall Sanders, Public Relations Coordinator welcomed the singers, and introduced Roberta Herrin, Executive Director of the Center, who gave a brief introduction to the work of the Center, and in particular to the current exhibit around us in the museum; and who in turn introduced Don Wiley, local singer and impresario of today's event.
Don led 381-D, Holy Manna.
Opening prayer, Jeff Farr.
Don then called on Dan Huger, singing school teacher, who gave a brief introduction to shape note singing in general and Christian Harmony in particular. Discussion of the shapes and the rudiments of music followed, and Dan led
78b-New Britain, and

After the class had rearranged themselves into the square, Dan led
41t-Mediation. Dan called Scott Swanton, who led
215t-In That Morning.
After which, Chris Wilhelm, Arranging Committee, called leaders in turn.
106-Sweet Rivers, Jeff Farr
359-Wondrous Love, Ruth Kross
93-Something New, Sarah Jane Thomas
71t-Edwards, Mary Baumeister
67b-Dundee, Julianne Wiley

Dan Huger brought the class back with
59t-Mear, James Wagner
95b-Canaan's Land
339-Samanthra, Jane Spencer
103b-Fish Pond, Chris Wilhelm
178b-Duke Street, Don Wiley
250-Realms of the Blest
359-David's Lamentation, Dan Huger
381-D- Holy Manna (by request)

298b-Happy Land (by request), Scott Swanton
55b-Idumea (in honor of the Tennessee survivors of the Holocaust)
360-The Saints Bound for Heaven, Jeff Farr
159t-The Saint's Delight
346-Star in the East, Sarah Jane Thomas
64t-The Penitent's Prayer, Mary Baumeister
254b-Sicily, Julianne Wiley

200b-Parting Hand, Jane Spencer
Closing prayer, Scott Swanton

Many thanks for the kindness of the Center for Appalachian Studies, and of ETSU.

There were some 65 persons in attendance, mostly singers.
The weather was clear and cool; the drought gets deeper.....

Minutes: Chris Wilhelm.

The exhibit at the museum was called "Living On: Tennessee Holocaust Survivors and Liberators". For more information about this exhibition, see

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