Lawrence Chapel Methodist Church

Clemson, South Carolina
February 4, 2007

All song selections from the Carolina book (William Walker edition) except Alabama book (Deason Parris revision) where noted

Welcome & Opening Prayer - Steve Walker

31t - Home, Steve Walker
148 - Leander
169b - Devotion, Mary Baumeister
168b - Rest
21 - Webster, Karen Burnett
59b - Dove of Peace
381-A - Not Made With Hands, Ken George
67b - Dundee
341 - The Lone Pilgrim, Laurel Horton
111t - Minister's Farewell
110t - Volunteers, Dan Huger
261t - The Good Shepherd (with 260b as 2nd verse)
159t - The Saint's Delight, Caroline Parsons
291b - Warrenton
199b - Vernon, Chris Wilhelm
58b - Primrose
316(AL) - This Heavy Load, Jane Spencer (by request)
203 - Cumberland
248(AL) - Twilight is Falling, Giles Carter
184(AL) - Where We'll Never Grow Old
267 - Louisiana, Mike Spencer
105b(AL) - Hamburg
105 - Resignation, Steve Walker
254b - Sicily, Mary Baumeister
55b - Idumea, Karen Burnett
274(AL) - Mother Tell Me of the Angels, Ken George
186(AL) - Lord, Remember Me, Laurel Horton
140 - Edom
60b - China, Dan Huger (by request)
147t - Fairfield, Caroline Parsons
104 - Everlasting Song (or Communion), Chris Wilhelm
172(AL) - The Grand Highway, Jane Spencer (by request)
200 - Parting Hand

Closing Prayer - Dan Huger

The singing was followed by a delicious supper in the parish hall hosted by Ken and Martha George - excellent hot soup and cornbread! Thanks again to the Georges for their hospitality!

Minutes, Jane Spencer

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