6th Annual Christmas Night Singing

Fletcher, Henderson County, North Carolina
Tuesday, 25 December 2007

All selections from The Christian Harmony (William Walker "Carolina Book") unless otherwise noted.
ECii, Eclectic Harmony II
AL, Christian Harmony (Deason-Parris revision, "Alabama Book")

Dan welcomed the singers and opened with
89t, Brightest Days or Elevation
Mike Spencer offered the opening prayer
342t, Blest Morn - Scott Swanton
330, Fulfillment - Mary Baumeister
84t, Tappan - John Plunkett
67b, Dundee - Ellen Hull
215b, Kay - Chris Wilhelm
210t, Old Hundred - Sarah Baird
89b, Northfield - Diane Eskenasy
185b, Corinth - Jeremy Shipp
129b, Christmas - Mike Spencer
59t, Mear - Larry Hull
59b, Dove of Peace - Jane Spencer
137, Antioch - Scott Swanton
345b, The Shepherd's Star - Willie Israel
225b, Martin - Ellen Hull
103b, Fish Pond - Mary Baumeister
103t, Derrick - John Plunkett
28 ECii, Lovely Vine - Dan Huger
189t, Holden - Chris Wilhelm
29AL, The Midnight Cry - Sarah Baird and Jeremy Shipp
127, Ocean - Diane Eskenasy
40t, New Year - Jeremy Shipp
123t, Rapturous Scene - Mike Spencer
136, Sherburne - Jane Spencer
128t, Ninety-Fifth - Scott Swanton
194t, Chester - Willie Israel
77t, Rockingham - Dan Huger
359, Wondrous Love - Scott Swanton
141b, Detroit - Mary Baumeister
51, Lonsdale - John Plunkett
214, Hosanna - Willie Israel
338t, The Christian's Farewell - Sarah Baird
339, Samanthra - Diane Eskenasy
270, Lena - Jeremy Shipp
53t, Waiting Church - Mike Spencer
357, The Trumpet - Jane Spencer
198, Creation - Willie Israel


200, Parting Hand - Dan Huger
Closing Prayer - Dan Huger

Minutes, Chris Wilhelm

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