14th Annual John Campbell Folkschool Singing

Brasstown, Cherokee County, North Carolina
Saturday, 14 July 2007

Both 'Carolina book' (Walker: 1873/1994) and 'Alabama book' (Deason/Parris: 1958/1994) were used; and signified in the minutes by "NC" and "AL" respectively.

Bob Dalsemer welcomed the singers to the Folk School.
Laurel Horton opened the singing with
Opening prayer given by Ed Smith, who then led
NC 341-The Lone Pilgrim.
AL 55b-Idumea, Wayne Richard
NC 198-Creation, Guy Bankes
Al 304-Blue Vale of Naucoochee, Lee Rogers
NC 321t-Olive Shade, Dan Huger
AL 70b-Brown, Becky Walker
AL 87-The Promised Land, Steve Walker
NC 170t-Refuge, Mary Baumeister
AL 199b-Vernon, Chris Wilhelm
AL 175-Oh, How I Love Jesus, Anita Landess
AL 60-What Did He Do, Michael Heyerman
AL 136-Sherburne, Jackie Elsner
AL 316-This Heavy Load, Andy Morse
AL 131-Will You Meet Me?, Mildred Chandler
AL 160-The Saint's Delight, Mike Nichols
AL 318-The Martial Trumpet, Jane Spencer
NC 381A-Not Made with Hands, Carl Blozan
AL 250-Realms of the Blest, John Hollingsworth
AL 184-Where We'll Never Grow Old, Robert Varkony
NC 175t-Breaker, John Plunkett
NC 147-Fairfield, Caroline Parsons
NC 30b-Dennis, Mike Spencer
AL 206-Prayer Meeting, Ken George
AL 50-Cranbrook, Judy Mincey
AL 82b-Gospel Waves, Ralph Parker
AL 110-Volunteers, Edna Vickers
AL 84-Homeland, Greg Smith

AL 245-Bozrah, Laurel Horton
AL 140-Edom
AL 156-Repentance, Ed Smith
AL 215-In That Morning, Wayne Richard
NC 77b-Cambridge, Guy Bankes
AL 172-The Grand Highway, Lee Rogers
AL 215-Hosanna, Ralph Parker
AL 106-Sweet Rivers, Becky Walker
AL 217-Jerusalem, Steve Walker
AL 346-Star in the East, Dan Huger (by req)
AL 290-Anchor, Mary Baumeister
AL 111t-Fleeting Days, Chris Wilhelm
AL 51-Lonsdale, Anita Landess
AL 253-Is it Far?, Michael Heyerman
AL 255-Watchman, Jackie Elsner
AL 196-Loving Kindness, Andy Morse
AL 88-Pisgah, Jane Spencer
AL 364-Easter Anthem, Mildred Chandler
AL 138-Rest In the Kingdom, Mike Nichols
AL 367-David's Lamentation, Carl Blozan
AL 76b-Night, Robert Varkony
NC 282-Friendship, John Plunkett
NC 291b-Warrenton, Caroline Parsons
AL 267-Louisiana, Mike Spencer
AL 66b-The Penitent's Prayer, Ken George
NC 116t-The Finest Flower, Judy Mincey
200-Parting Hand

Minutes by Lee Rogers
There were about 80 singers, and at least another twenty listeners.
The day was quite mild though the drought is bad.
Once again, thanks to the Folk School for having us, and to Bob Dalsemer for hosting.

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