2nd Amy Golightly Walker Memorial Singing

St. John's Historic Church
Rutherfordton, Rutherford County, North Carolina
Sunday, 8 October 2006

The singing used The Christian Harmony (Carolina edition), Christian Harmony (Alabama revision) and An Eclectic Harmony II

267 - Louisiana, Jane & Mike Spencer
Opening Prayer - John Hollingsworth
35b - Boylston, Larry Beveridge
26b - Ninety-Third, Scott Swanton
240 - Morning Light, Dorothy Lane
3 (EH) - Be Joyful in God, Mary Baumeister
251 - Disciple, John Hollingsworth
81t - Maitland, Mike Spencer
189b - Retreat, Don Wiley
57t - Weeping Savior, Eddie Mash
250 - Realms of the Blest, Ken George


105b - Resignation, Jane Spencer
67b - Dundee, Julianne Wiley
299 - Green Meadows, Sarah Jane Thomas
143t - Coleshill, Beth Semadeni
359 - Wondrous Love, Megan Cornett & Anna Swanton
307 - True Happiness, Chris Wilhelm & Ellie Thomas

Prayer - Scott Swanton

58(EH) - Sunrise, Jane Spencer
215t - In That Morning, Anna Swanton & Dorothy Lane
316(AL) - This Heavy Load, Larry Beveridge
128t - Ninety-Fifth, Scott Swanton
269t - Restoration, Dorothy Lane
15(EH) - Sion's Security, Mary Baumeister
72b - Joyful News, John Hollingsworth
226t - Rock of Ages, Mike Spencer
12(EH) - Paradise, Don Wiley
49 - Forever With the Lord, Eddie Mash


Demonstration Singing for St. John's Concert Series
55b - Idumea, Ken George
245t - Bozrah, Julianne Wiley
214 - Hosanna, Sarah Jane Thomas
171t - Sessions, Beth Semadeni
255t - Watchman (for Anne Beveridge) Anna Swanton & Chris Wilhelm
111t - Minister's Farewell, Larry Beveridge
130b - Passing Away, Scott Swanton
235 - Faithful Soldier, Dorothy Lane
153 - Columbus, Mary Baumeister
200b - Parting Hand, Jane Spencer

On Saturday, Oct. 7, Jane Spencer led a singing school with 25 participants. $175 was donated to the Rutherford County Historical Society during the singing. Jane would like to thank Dorothy Lane and Mike Spencer for their assistance with setting up the dining and singing areas; Chris Wilhelm for her arranging during the singing; Beth Semadeni for keeping the minutes during the singing; and everyone else who brought food or stayed to help with clean up.

Minutes by Beth Semadeni & Jane Spencer

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