115th Old Folk's Day

Morning Star Methodist Church
Dutch Cove, near Canton, Haywood County, North Carolina
Sunday, 11 September, 2005

All selections Wm Walker 2nd edition (1873), 1994 reprint. ("Carolina book").

After morning Service, and Dinner, the bell rang, and the singers gathered.

Dan Huger explained that Miss Sue Smathers was in the care of Hospice, and that June Jolley, her daughter, was with her, and had asked him to run the singing for her.

Mr Bill Thompson greeted the singers, and opened with prayer for the day, and for Miss Sue and her family.
381D - Holy Manna, Dan Huger
77t - Rockingham
381A - Not Made with Hands, Zack Allen
55b - Idumea
214 - Hosanna, Scott Swanton
215b - In That Morning
107b - Nobler Choice, Mike Nichols
98 - Christian Soldier
269 -Wondrous Love, Carl Blozan
135 - Raymond
117 - Angel Band, Mary Baumeister
55t - Carolina
279 - Oliphant, Lucy Sandidge
51 - Lonsdale
330 - Fulfillment, Sarah Jane Thomas
216 - Social Band
332 - Babylonian Captivity, Ken Shimizu
89b - Northfield
159 - The Saint's Delight, Chris Wilhelm (for June)
207t - Windham
128t - Ninety-Fifth, Chris Berg
321t - Olive Shade
182t - Rothwell, Robert Varkonyi
289b - Happy Land


200b-Parting Hand

Closing Prayer, Zack Allen

We had about 25 singers, and there were about 20 people in the church listening.
The weather was bright, and became a bit warm in the afternoon; we were invited to sit in the pews, but felt better sitting in the chancel choir seats as usual.

Minutes, Mary Baumeister

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