Tickanetly Primitive Baptist Church
Tickanetly, Gilmer County, Georgia

Sunday, 22 August, 2004
All songs from "Alabama book" (Deason-Parris rev)

31 Webster, Paul Mooney, jr
Opening prayer, Paul Mooney, sr
249t Green Fields, Chase Mooney
31t Home
215 In That Morning, Wayne Richard
128t Hester, Mark Weaver
248 Twilight is Falling
185b Corinth, Dan Huger
129 Coronation
245 Bozrah, John Lowman
291 Warrenton
85b Mercy Seat, Lee Rogers
264 Harwell
36b Albion, Mary Baumeister
59t Mear
208b French Broad, Laurel Horton
186 Lord, Remember Me
35t Lisbon, Greg Smith
290t Amity
287 Indian Convert, Leonard Mooney
184 Where We'll Never Grow Old


85 Canaan's Land, Lawrence Mooney
323 Holy Manna, Ed Smith

Preaching by Br Ed Smith, Br Paul Mooney, sr, and Br Lawrence Mooney

141 Detroit, Lawrence Mooney
Blessing, Lawrence Mooney

27t Morning Worship, Paul Mooney, jr
274 Mother Tell Me, Beau Lowman
289 Happy Land
117 Angel Band, Ralph Parker
82b Gospel Waves
51 Lonsdale, Steve Walker
35b Boylston
106 Sweet Rivers, Becky Walker
67b Dundee
109 Not Made with Hands, Bob Mitchell
179 Traveling On (by req)
126 Ocean, Ed Smith
46t The Hill of Zion
84 Homeland, Dorothy Weaver
180 Sinless Summerland
135 Raymond (by the numbers), Suzy Smith
64 Youthful Blessings
255 Watchman, Larry Beveridge
316 This Heavy Load
293 Lenox, Lorraine Newberry
258 Thorny DesertL
359 Wondrous Love, Carl Blozan
143 Farther Along
287 Indian Convert, Paul Mooney, jr (for Bernie Mulkey)
131 Will You Meet Me?
157 Hallelujah, Maggie Patterson
42 Joy-Bells
339 Samanthra, Mary Parker
303 The Unclouded Day
216 Social Band, Wayne Richard
204t What a Day, Lawrence Mooney
77 How Beautiful Heaven Will Be


200 Parting Hand

Dismissal, Lawrence Mooney

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