4th Annual Rocky Mount Historic Site Singing
Piney Flats, Sullivan County, Tennessee

Saturday, 7 August, 2004
Christian Harmony & New Harp of Columbia

Mary Grace Meador welcomed the singers.

The "Carolina book" of Christian Harmony was used in the morning session.

There was a brief singing school.

78b - New Britain, Dan Huger
59t - Mear
55b - Idumea, Mary Baumeister
80t - Caddo
289b - Happy Land, Jeff Farr
117 - Angel Band
148 - Leander, Chris Berg
128t - Ninety-Fifth
128b - Hester, Dan Huger
258 - Thorny Desert
120t - The Lonesome Dove, Mary Baumeister
245t - Bozrah
89b - Northfield, Julianne Wiley
198 - Creation, Mary Grace Meador
67b - Dundee, Dan Huger

Gary Wildrath (Director of Rocky Mount), gave the blessing


The afternoon session was from New Harp of Columbia. Numbers with an "A" are from the rear section of the restored edition of 2001.

107 - Holy Manna, Jeff Farr
143 - Wondrous Love, Cheryl Summers
99 - Morning Trumpet, Dan Huger
56b - Warrenton, Julianne Wiley
18 - Windham, Chris Berg
144 - Rowley, Mary Baumeister
52A - Evening Shade, Dan Huger
47 - The Promised Land, Jeff Farr
68t - Paradise, Dan Huger
60 - Importunity, Mary Baumeister
12 - Albion, Jeff Farr
57 - Protection, Cheryl Summers
53A - Redeeming Love, Dan Huger
63b - Azmon, Chris Berg


95 - Parting Hand

Dismissal, Don Wiley

There were 36 singers just before dinner.
The weather was unseasonably dry and cool - it was a September day in August.

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