114th Session "Old Folks Day"
Morning Star Methodist Church
Dutch Cove, near Canton, Haywood County, North Carolina

Sunday, 12 September 2004
All selections from the "Carolina book".

After service at 11, and a bounteous 'dinner on the grounds' at noon, the singers gathered in the church about 1:30 pm. We were welcomed by Mr Bill Thompson, who also offered the opening prayer; we were asked especially to remember those persons in Canton and Clyde, and elsewhere in Western North Carolina, who had been flooded out by the remnants of Hurricane Frances. He then turned the singing over to June Smathers Jolley. .

88 - Pisgah, June Jolley
159t - The Saint's Delight
129t - Coronation, Scott Swanton
128t - Ninety-Fifth
51 - Lonsdale, Diane Eskenasy
89b - Northfield
215t - In That Morning, Dot Lane
204t - Prayer Meeting
268 - Come Ye to the Waters,Mike Nichols
255t - Watchman
55b - Idumea, Ken Shimizu
117 - Angel Band
245t - Bozrah, Mary Baumeister
287 - Indian Convert
59t - Mear, Jane Spencer
116t - Finest Flower
381A - Not Made with Hands, Carl Blozan
359 - Wondrous Love
299 - Green Meadows, Sarah Jane Thomas
339 - Samanthra
226t - Rock of Ages, Marty Fields
214 - Hosanna, Lucy Sandidge
153 - Columbus, Dan Huger
77t - Rockingham

Closing Prayer, Zeb Jolley
200-Parting Hand

There were about forty persons present, of whom some thirty were singing. We had fine September weather.

Afterwards, a group of ten paid a visit to Mrs Sue Smathers (widow of Quay Smathers, and mother of June Jolley) at her nursing home. We sang for about an hour, and the only songs we repeated were Pisgah, Northfield, Lonsdale and Angel Band. Miss Sue said she enjoyed the singing, but that she missed one voice in particular.

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