Tickanetly Singing

Tickanetly Primitive Baptist Church
Gilmer County, Georgia
Sunday 23 August, 2003

All selections "Alabama book"

Chair Paul Mooney, Jr opened with prayer.

31t Home - Paul Mooney, jr
21b Webster
249 Greenfields - Chase Mooney
274 Mother Tell Me of the Angels
158 The Land of Rest - Mark Weaver
70t Arlington - John Loman
76b Night
82b Gospel Waves - Ralph Parker
204t What a Day
215 In That Morning - Wayne Richard
16 The Finest Flower - Laurel Horton
217 Jerusalem
91 There is a Fountain - Dan Huger
185b Corinth
109 Not Made with Hands - Carl Blozan
135 Raymond

In lieu of prayer to commence the preaching, Lawrence Mooney called for song on page 95: Canaan's Land. He then called on Brother David Mooney to speak.

In due course he called for song on page 70b: Brown, and then called on Brother Paul Mooney to speak.


When singing resumed, Laurence Mooney led:
353 Bower of Prayer
355 Homeward Bound
84 Homeland - Dorothy Weaver
117 Angel Band
111t Fleeting Days - Leonard Mooney
110 Volunteers
226t Rock of Ages - Greg Smith
248 Twilight is Falling
130t Sacred Love - John Plunkett
67b Dundee
322 Among that Band - Tim Cook
300 Desire
301 John Street - Mako Cook
168t Rest
180 Sinless Summerland - Becky Walker
30b Dennis
21 Webster - Steve Walker
369t Restoration
255 Watchman - Martha Fields
353 Bower of Prayer - Lorraine Newberry
135 Raymond
"Come, thou Fount" - Edna Vickers
1 Weary Rest
367 David's Lamentation - Lawrence Mooney
131 Will You Meet Me? - Paul Mooney, jr
287 Indian Convert
157 Hallelujah - Maggie Patterson
125b Martin
258 Thorny Desert - Cheryl Murphy
179 Traveling On
128t Hester - Mark Weaver
139t Soft Music
178 That Beautiful Land - Dan Huger
184 Where We'll Never Grow Old
42 Joy Bells - Lawrence Mooney


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