The Fifth Annual Singing on the River

Madison County Arts Council (newly renovated)
Marshall, Madison County, North Carolina
Saturday, 7 December 2019

All selections from the 2015 Edition of William Walker's 1873 Christian Harmony

Laura Boosinger, chair, welcomed the class.

Opening prayer, Willie Israel.

136-Sherburne, Zack Allen
137-Antioch, Dan Huger
346-Star in the East, Willie Israel
208b-French Broad, Laura Boosinger
35b-Boyleston, Maggie Lauterer
106-Sweet Rivers, Scott Swanton
282-Friendship, Chris Berg
87t-Zerah, Diane Eskenasy
342-Blest Morn, June Jolley


128t-Ninety-Fifty, Laura Boosinger
55b-Idumea, Zack Allen
89t-Brightest Days, Dan Huger
157b-Hallelujah, Willie Israel
159t-The Saints Delight, Laura Boosinger
129b-Christmas, Maggie Lauterer
215t-In That Morning, Scott Swanton
with the 3rd verse introduced by Mr Moss
58b-Primrose, Chris Berg
51-Lonsdale, Diane Eskenasy

Dinner (Grace by Laura Boosinger)

214-Hosanna, Laura Boosinger (by request)
235-Faithful Soldier, June Jolley (in memory of Quay Smathers)
369-Easter Anthem, Zack Allen
381-Christian Song, Dan Huger
194t-Chester, Willie Israel
88-Pisgah, Laura Boosinger
204t-Prayer Meeting, Maggie Lauterer
129t-Coronation, Scott Swanton
218t-Cookham, Chris Berg
89t-Northfield, Diane Eskenasy
77t-Rockingham, June Jolley


76b-Night, Dan Huger
Announcements (and passing of ‘the bowl’...)
339-Samanthra, Zack Allen
207t-Windham, Dan Huger
60b-China, Willie Israel (in memory of Sydney and Louise Allen )
359-Wondrous Love, Laura Boosinger
130b-Passing Away, Scott Swanton
248b-Union, Chris Berg
198-Creation, Diane Eskenasy
67b-Dundee, June Jolley, by request of David Philpott,
who asked to sit in the middle to listen, and who followed by reciting
Sonnet 73: “That time of year thou may’st in me behold…”
200b-Parting Hand, June Jolley

Closing prayer, Laura Boosinger

Secretary, Dan Huger The day was bright but cool; we had about thirty singers.

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