10th Georgia State Christian Harmony Convention
Number 3 Railroad Street
Community Center Arnoldsville, Georgia
November 30 and December 1, 2019

Saturday, November 30

All song selections were from The Christian Harmony, 2010 Edition

The class was called to order at 10:00 am by Michael Spencer leading
36t, Lovely Vine.
John Hollingsworth offered the opening prayer.
103, Derrick, Jane Cannon
58b, Primrose, Brenda Harvey
23t, Phillippi, Shannon Primm
70t, Arlington, Nigel Bowley
1, Weary Rest, Danny Creel
548, Macedonia, Christy Sinkson
250t, Realms of the Blest, Ken Tate
359, Wondrous Love, Meredith Turner
244b, The Christian’s Conflicts, Michael Walker
241, Closer Walk with God, Jose Camacho
43, The Heavenly Throng, Leslie Booher
246, The Good Physician, Jonathon Smith
485, Quito, Mary Baumeister
308, The Happy Time, Chris Wilhelm
93, Something New, Nathan Rees
410t, Weeping Savior, David Brodeur
459t, All-Saints, Debora Grosse
63t, Condescension, Andy Ditzler
428, Zerah, Billy Hollingsworth
63b, Pardoning Love, Justin Bowen
322, Among That Band, Cindy Tanner
136, Sherburne, April Watkins and Ainslie Allen
533, Prospect of Heaven, Lisa Bennett
432b, Fish Pond, David Smead


248, Twilight is Falling, Nigel Bowley
397b, Bedan, Michael Spencer
312, Penitence, Jane Cannon
276, Worlds Beyond the Sky, Jen Rymut
70b, Brown, Brenda Harvey
15, My Consolation, Shannon Primm
342, Blest Morn, Nigel Bowley
326, Royal Proclamation, Danny Creel
299, Green Meadows, Christy Sinkson
339, Samanthra, Ken Tate
56t, America, Meredith Turner
54, My Trust, Cassie Allen
358, O Come, Come Away, John Hollingsworth
437, The Dying Penitent, Michael Walker
8, Creation, Jose Camacho
544, Life’s Troubles, Leslie Booher
332, Babylonian Captivity, Jonathon Smith
478t, Brentford, Mary Baumeister


396t, Adams, Chris Wilhelm
4, Copeland, Nathan Rees
123, Rapturous Scene, David Brodeur
51, Lonsdale, Debora Grosse
316, This Heavy Load, Andy Ditzler
369, Easter Anthem, Billy Hollingsworth
64, Youthful Blessings, Justin Bowen
289b, Happy Land, April Watkins and Taylor Watkins
61t, North Carolina, Lisa Bennett
180, The Sinless Summerland, Cindy Tanner
205, The Watchman’s Call, David Smead
495, The Sailor’s Home, Michael Spencer
492b, Supplication, Jane Cannon
161b, Awake, Jerusalem, Jen Rymut
147, Fairfield, Brenda Harvey
128t, Hester, Shannon Primm
189, One by One, Nigel Bowley
167b, Come Along, Danny Creel (in memory of Ruth Wyers)
207t, Windham, Christy Sinkson
490, Creation, Ken Tate
360, The Saints Bound for Heaven, Meredith Turner
235, Faithful Soldier, Cassie Allen
52, Newburg, John Hollingsworth


421b, Caddo, Shannon Primm
317, The Christian Soldier, Michael Walker
455b, Rockbridge, Jose Camacho
543, Chase High Road, Leslie Booher
84, Homeland, Mary Baumeister
329, Redeeming Grace, Jonathon Smith
513, Lakeland, Chris Wilhelm
209, The Lord’s Supper, Nathan Rees
171, Sessions, David Brodeur
14, I’ll Serve My Lord, Andy Ditzler


76b Night, Michael Spencer

Closing Prayer, Shannon Primm

Chair, Michael Spencer; Vice Chair, Shannon Primm; Secretary, Jane Cannon; Arranging, Chris Wilhelm

Sunday, December 1

Michael Spencer opened with
230b, Amboy
Opening Prayer – Billy Hollingsworth
391, Glad Tidings, Chris Wilhelm
74, God’s Helping Hand, Billy Hollingsworth
281b, Palmetto, David Brodeur
44b, Dunlap’s Creek, Michael Walker
255, Watchman, Leslie Booher
186, Lord Remember Me, David Smead
57, Salvation’s Rock, Jen Rymut
89, Northfield, Brenda Harvey
346, Star in the East, Lisa Bennett and Jeremiah Smead
498, Hendon, Ken Tate
444, Broomsgrove, Mary Baumeister
289, Happy Land, Nigel Bowley
179, Traveling On, Helen Bryson
19, The Day of Days, Cindy Tanner
258, Thorny Desert, Andy Ditzler
80, The Blind Girl, Cassie Allen
227, Majesty Rays, Jose Camacho
288, Morris, Shannon Primm (in memory of her mother)
435, Shenley, Robert Kelley
262, Collins, Maddy Mullany
172, The Grand Highway, Danny Creel


107, Resignation, Jane Cannon
337b, To Die No More, April Watkins

Memorial Lesson – John Hollingworth spoke of the various situations that prevent singers from attending, mostly involving surgeries, and led 25b, Brimmer in their honor. Each person on the list of deceased is significant to someone in the class, and for older singers there are many deceased who have been gone for many years that we should remember also. John led 53, No Parting There, in memory of those gone on.

280, Zion, Chris Wilhelm
476b, Shepherd, Mary Baumeister
81b, Eternal Joys, David Smead
282, Friendship, John Plunkett
546b, Oak Grove, Leslie Booher
347, Portuguese Hymn, Jose Camacho
48, Mount Helicon, Robert Kelley
235, Faithful Soldier, Maddy Mullany
166, What Can I Do? Danny Creel
318, The Martial Trumpet, Michael Walker

Business Meeting – New Officers for the convention were elected and their two year term will start in 2020. Chair – Shannon Primm; Vice Chair – Jane Cannon; Secretary – David Smead. Shannon Primm will remain Treasurer due to banking issues. Shannon gave the Treasurer’s Report and the class agreed that the Georgia Christian Harmony Convention will continue to sponsor a scholarship to Camp DoReMi in 2020 for a Georgia singer. The Convention will be held in a different, to be determined, location in 2020. The class agreed that due to the continually increasing size of the Sacred Harp Minutes book, the minutes for this singing will no longer be submitted to the Sacred Harp Minutes committee. (Minutes are available online at christianharmony.org.) Nigel Bowley and Brenda Harvey presented The Resolutions report and the business meeting was adjourned.

79, Kingwood, Brenda Harvey and Michael Walker
168b, Sunrise, Cindy Tanner
316, This Heavy Load, Jen Rymut
176, Heavenly Treasures, Cassie Allen
401b, Euphrates, Michael Spencer
164t, Convict, David Brodeur
447, Mount Pisgah, Jen Rymut, Jane Cannon, Shannon Primm, Jose Camacho, Michael Spencer


397, Bedan, Michael Spencer
26t, Golden Hill, Billy Hollingsworth
281t, Am I Born to Die, Robert Kelley (by request)
354, Summer, Cassie Allen (by request)
548, Macedonia, Billy Hollingsworth and Rodney Ivey
157, Hallelujah, Brenda Harvey and Nigel Bowley
419t, Rockingham, Michael Walker and Jane Cannon
465t, Breaker, Michael Walker (by request)
343, Tell the Story, Jeremiah Smead


493b, Day-Star, Michael Spencer (by request)

Closing Prayer, Michael Walker

Chair – Michael Spencer, Vice Chair – Shannon Primm, Secretary - Chris Wilhelm, Arranging – Jane Cannon

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