Etowah Spring Singing
107th year

Etowah Baptist Church
Etowah, Henderson County, North Carolina

Saturday, 3 May 2014

All selections from The Christian Harmony Carolina Book except where noted.

Diane Eskenasy welcomed the singers and led
339, Samanthra
Chris Wilhelm offered the opening prayer.
35b, Boylston - Chris Wilhelm
161t, Wells - Mary Baumeister
299, Green Meadows - Chris Berg
88, Pisgah - June Jolley
381-C, Twilight is Falling - Jean Allen
103b, Fish Pond - Tim Aldrich and Diane Eskenasy
67b, Dundee - Dan Huger
89b, Northfield - Diane Eskenasy
159t, The Saint's Delight - Chris Wilhelm
139b, Suffield - Mary Baumeister
248, Union - Chris Berg


258, Thorny Desert - June Jolley
381-D, Holy Manna - Jean Allen
333b, Night is Coming - Tim Aldrich and Diane Eskenasy, for Polly Eskenasy
110t, Volunteers - Dan Huger, in memory of Quay Smathers
255t. Watchman - Marty Hubert
77b, Cambridge - Julianne Wiley
36b, Albion - Don Wiley
51, Lonsdale - Diane Eskenasy
287, Indian Convert - Chris Wilhelm
59t, Mear - Mary Baumeister, as grace for the noon meal.


58b, Primrose - Mary Baumeister
148, Leander - Chris Berg
359, Wondrous Love - Jean Allen
55b, Idumea - Tim Aldrich and Diane Eskenasy
171t, Sessions - Dan Huger, in memory of Sharon Kellam
204t. Prayer Meeting - Marty Hubert
165b, Rockbridge - Julianne Wiley
74t, Zanesville - Don Wiley and Dan Huger
117. Angel Band - Diane Eskenasy (by request)
135, Raymond - Chris Wilhelm (by the shapes, numbers, poetry)
Shropshire Funeral Hymn, from handout - Mary Baumeister, for Sharon Kellam
293, Lenox - Chris Berg


Business Meeting
For the Autumn Singing, 6 September 2014
President - Diane Eskenasy; Vice-President - Dan Huger; Treasurer - Tim Aldrich; Secretary - Mary Baumeister; Hospitality - Chris Wilhelm.
We have money in hand to make a $25 donation to the church as a thanks offering and $25 to reserve the space for September.
Chris Wilhelm (Hospitality) has a conflict the morning of 6 Sept, so we will have to set up for coffee and lunch on our own. Mary Baumeister will bring the supplies.

381-A, Not Made With Hands - Jean Allen, in memory of Mr. Egerton
129t, Coronation - Tim Aldrich and Diane Eskenasy
367, David's Lamentation - Dan Huger
226t, Rock of Ages - Marty Hubert
159t, The Saint's Delight - Julianne Wiley
120b, Spartanburg - Don Wiley
24, Hosanna - Diane Eskenasy
203, Cumberland - Chris Wilhelm
200b, Parting Hand

Don Wiley offered the closing prayer. Minutes: Mary Baumeister

We appreciate having a singing home in Etowah. Thanks to Etowah Baptist Church. This is a nice space with friendly people. We hope to sing here in the autumn.

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