6th Annual New Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian Church Singing

Greene County, Tennessee
Saturday, 3 June 2006, 11 AM - 3 PM

All selections from New Harp of Columbia
"A" songs found in the 'restored' section of the revised edition

Chair Jeff Farr greeted the singers, and asked Don Wiley to lead opening song, on page
107-Holy Manna
Opening prayer, Jeff Farr
35-95th, Dan Huger
51-Mount Olivet, Bill White
110-North Salem, Gideon Fryer
115-Northfield, Virginia Douglas
53b-Dundee, Julianne & Don Wiley
56b-Warrenton (1, 4, 5), Cheryl Summers
20b-Hebron, Chris Wilhelm
84-The Midnight Cry, Jeff Farr
144-Rowley, Lucy Sandidge
180-Whitestown, Mary Baumeister
152-Milford, Eddie Mash
11-Old 100th

42-Lenox, Don Wiley
195-Easter Anthem, Dan Huger
35-95th, Gideon Fryer
80b-Shawmut, Virginia Douglas
14-Mear, Julianne Wiley
13-Reflection, Chris Wilhelm
163-New Topia, Jeff Farr
71-Bequest, Mary Baumeister
162A-David's Lamentation, Eddie Mash for Virginia Douglas

143-Wondrous Love, Ruth Kross
117-Coronation, Don Willey (for Virginia Waddell)
71-Never Part Again, Don Wiley
98-Liberty, Dan Huger
52A-Evening Shade, Eddie Mash for Virginia Douglas
124-The Saint's Adieu, Julianne Wiley
18-Windham, Chris Wilhelm
206-Western Mount Pleasant, Jeff Farr
30-Sion's Security, Mary Baumeister
151-Pleyel's Hymn 2nd, Eddie Mash
68-Paradise, Don Wiley
95-Parting Hand
Closing Prayer, Jeff Farr

At the largest, we had sixteen singers, and two listeners.

The weather was cool and bright: a storm the night before had cleared away unseasonably hot and overcast weather.
The church has been painted on the inside, which makes it not merely brighter visually but also acoustically.

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