Webster Singing

Webster UMC: Webster, Jackson County, North Carolina
Saturday, 2 April, 2005

Will Peebles welcomed the singers, and led the opening prayer.

21 - Webster
61t - North Carolina
245t - Bozrah, Mary Baumeister
254b - Sicily
254b - Bartimeus, John Plunkett
51 - Lonsdale
339 - Samanthra, June S Jolley
106 - Sweet Rivers
162t - Heavenly Light, John Hollingsworth
24t - Volusia
103b - Fish Pond, Will Peebles
381B - Babylon Is Fallen
64t - The Penitent’s Prayer, Mary Baumeister
31t - Home
117 - Angel Band, John Plunkett
116t - The Finest Flower
360b - The Saints Bound for Heaven, June Jolley
58b - Primrose
76b - Night, John Hollingsworth
59t - Mear, Will Peebles

Blessing, John Hollingsworth


To begin the after dinner session, Will Peebles did a presentation on shape-noting to a class of the SAI sorority, who then observed and participated as they wished for the first hour.

78b - New Britain
359 - Wondrous Love
89b - Northfield, Dan Huger
67b - Dundee
36b - Albion, Mary Baumeister
80t - Caddo
269t - Restoration, John Plunkett
346 - Star in the East
95b - Canaan’s Land, June Jolley
217 - Jerusalem
381A - Not Made with Hands, Bruce Frazer
55b - Idumea
210t - Old Hundred, Terri Armfield w/ W Peebles
381D - Holy Manna, Chuck Jones
146b - Bangor, Dan Huger
134 - Liberty
54t - Little Marlboro, June Jolley
248t - Union
255t - Watchman, Dan Huger


200b - Parting Hand

Closing prayer, John Plunkett.

The weather was cold and snowy. There were about 18 regular singers, and about 50 singers/listeners in the class.

Thank you for Webster Methodist!

Minutes by Sarah Jane Thomas and Mary Baumeister.

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