New Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian Church,

Greene County, Tennessee
Saturday, 5 June 2004, 11 AM - 3 PM

The New Harp of Columbia singing, held June 5, 04, at New Bethel Cumberland Pres. Church, Greene County (TN), was a delightful singing. I had expressed my concern about mold in the closed up church, and Jeff and Cheryl Farr worked dilligently to make it clean so I could sing with them. We sang out of the New Harp of Columbia book, but on some of the tunes in the style of Christian Harmony. Thoughtfully and singing all the verses because they told a story. There were several new singers there and it was a good mix of voices. The whole day was was well planned and a great experience. Thank you.
Virginia Douglas

All selections from New Harp of Columbia
"A" songs found in the 'restored' section of the revised edition

Greeting, and Opening Prayer, Jeff Farr

107 - Holy Manna, Terry Bowerman
117 - Coronation, Kathleen Mavournin
115 - Northfield, Sarah Jane Thomas
60 - Importunity, Jeff Farr: for Larry Olszewski: "an 'old professor, tall as cedars'"
12 - Albion, Mary Baumeister
98 - Liberty, Dan Huger
35 - Ninety-Fifth, Gideon Fryer
68t - Paradise, Virginia Douglas
143 - Wondrous Love, Cheryl Summers

Blessing, Jeff Farr

144 - Rowley, Kathleen Mavournin
56 - Warrenton, Terry Bowerman
18 - Windham, Sarah Jane Thomas
56t - Heavenly Armour, Jeff Farr
A52 - Evening Shade, Mary Baumeister
199 - Rose of Sharon, Dan Huger
44 - Idumea (with A words), Gideon Fryer
57 - Protection, Terry B. w/ John Wakefield
14 - Mear, V. Douglas w/ Vicki Wakefield
99 - Morning Trumpet, K. Mavournin w/ Cheryl Summers
114t - Zion, T. Bowerman w/ Bill White
A62 - David's Lamentation, Dan Huger by req.
16 - Greenfields, Jeff Farr
80b - Shawmut, Mary Baumeister
41 - Sweet Rivers, Dan Huger

95 - Parting Hand

There were about 25 persons in attendance. The day was hazy but cool.

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